Marketfield Asset Management LLC ("Marketfield") is a registered investment advisor that offers discretionary portfolio management for private and institutional clients, typically as advisor or subadvisor to funds and products. The firm is an absolute return manager that attempts to provide returns on capital substantially in excess of the risk free rate rather than matching any particular index or external benchmark. The products we manage are intended to offer the portfolio flexibility typically associated with private partnerships with the structural advantages of more traditional, regulated products. MARKETFIELD ASSET MANAGEMENT®


The foundation of our investment process is the managers’ constant and thorough assessment of general macroeconomic and business conditions. Recognizing these processes is paramount if a manager is to avoid the types of risk that can permanently impair a portfolio and remain able to capitalize on the opportunities that regularly follow periods of severe distress. The goal is to identify businesses and other investment media that will be most affected by large scale, external economic forces. The senior management team at Marketfield has a long public record of anticipating and responding appropriately, as macroeconomic conditions evolve from one cycle to the next.

Over time, we have shown an ability to act appropriately in a wide variety of market conditions and we believe that the willingness to change both our intellectual and portfolio positioning is a key factor in delivering acceptable returns to our clients. We communicate our thoughts constantly both through our written research and direct dialogue maintaining an unusual level of access to senior management.

The products we manage are structured with very broad charters in recognition of the widely different asset and security types that can exhibit leadership from one cycle to the next. Our style, while encompassing a wide array of potential asset classes, will normally concentrate capital in those specific assets that stand to derive the most benefit (or harm in the case of short positions) from the macroeconomic forces that we anticipate. Although our mandate is necessarily broad in any particular cycle, we are likely to utilize only a small portion of the allowable range of instruments.

MARKETFIELD ASSET MANAGEMENT® is the name used by Marketfield for investment advisory services.


Michael C. Aronstein


CEO, Chief Investment Officer and
Portfolio Manager

Michael C. Aronstein is CEO, Portfolio Manager, and Chief Investment Officer of Marketfield Asset Management LLC. He is one of the founding partners of Marketfield, which was created in 2007. He began his investment career in 1979 at Merrill Lynch, eventually becoming Manager of Global Investment Strategy before departing in 1987 to join Comstock Partners. Mr. Aronstein was the President of Comstock Partners for six years. In 1993, Mr. Aronstein founded West Course Capital, a discretionary commodity management firm. From 2001 to 2004, Mr. Aronstein was Chief Investment Strategist for Preservation Group, a provider of independent macroeconomic and strategic research to professional investors. In 2004, he joined Oscar Gruss & Son Incorporated (“Oscar Gruss”) and served as Chief Investment Strategist. Mr. Aronstein graduated from Yale College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1974.

Michael Aronstein is available for consultation on investment matters. Please refer to the contact information below.
Andrew Lyss


Principal, Senior Trader

Andrew Lyss joined Marketfield Asset Management LLC in 2012. He was previously Executive Vice President at Oscar Gruss, which he re-joined in 1997. Mr. Lyss previously worked for Oscar Gruss from 1993 to 1995. Mr. Lyss specializes in special situations, including merger arbitrage, spinoffs, bankruptcy, and post-bankruptcy valuations. Prior to re-joining Oscar Gruss in 1997, Mr. Lyss was employed by Arnhold & S. Bleichroeder from 1995 to 1997 in institutional sales and by Prudential Securities from 1983 to 1989 in varied positions. Mr. Lyss received a BS/BA from the University of Denver in 1982.

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